Our Services

Dallas Home Inspections familyWe offer a full line of Dallas Home Inspections to serve North Texas homeowners, buyers, sellers and Realtors in the DFW area. While all of our services are backed by our Mission and Goal to protect your family and your investment, each type of real estate evaluation has a different purpose. The Home Inspection Services that best meets your needs depends on if you are the buyer or seller and whether the home is New Construction or an Existing Home. We serve hundreds of buyers, sellers and investors every year. Our onsite presentation and prioritized report summary puts things into perspective. Our team of professional Dallas Fort Worth home inspectors are continually trained on the most current building construction standards. We use technology to enhance our ability to find what other inspectors miss.

Buyer Home Inspections

Our Dallas home inspections for buyer provides detailed property reports that are accurate, easy to understand and come with a prioritized summary report. At the end of the technical portion of the inspection, our certified pro will perform an onsite presentation to review the photos taken during the inspection, answer your questions and make recommendations about any negative findings. As with all types of residential inspections, the components and systems from the roof down to the foundation are inspected to visually identify defects in construction standards and safety. Learn more about What We Inspect at residential properties. Our buyer home inspections are designed to educate and provide valuable information about the condition of real estate before you make what could be, a life long family investment.

Many Dallas residential buyers also add these services for the most comprehensive residential evaluation possible;

Interior Thermal Imaging Reports
In-Ground Pool/Spa Inspections
Septic System Reports
Landscape Irrigation System Inspections
Termite Inspections (WDI)

Seller Home Inspections

We also offer Seller Home Inspections across Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding North Texas. Our “Move In Certified” Seller Home Inspections provide tremendous marketing advantages for sellers and their Realtors. Seller Home Inspection will virtually eliminate all the hassles and blown deals caused by traditional Buyer Home Inspections. Our Seller Home Inspection gives the leverage back to the homeowner (and their Realtor) and offers tremendous marketing advantages.

Real estate deals fall through simply because the seller did not hire a professional Dallas Home Inspections Company to evaluate the condition of their house before putting it on the market. Eventually, potential buyers are going to hire an Inspector that will reveal defects in the house you are selling. The selling homeowner may as well know what a home inspection is going to reveal and correct any possible issues in advance. This is how our Seller Home Inspection puts the leverage back in the homeowners pocket. Any identified deficiencies in today’s building standards or the Texas Standards of Practice help sellers understand what should be in the disclosure document or make repairs ahead of time.

Warranty Home Inspections

Normally, new home construction comes with a one year builders warranty which covers most items in your new construction. It is a good idea to have a warranty home inspection performed prior to the expiration of your builders warrant. We can identify and document items which need attention or improvement allowing you to present a repair list to your builder prior to the warranty expiration. It is a smart thing to do to protect your family’s safety and your financial investment.

Warranty home inspections are like a standard home inspection but are designed for those home owners who are not involved in a real estate transaction but who have a home owners warranty that may soon expire. If you are interested in preserving your home in great condition, identifying items covered by your home owners warranty and prefer professional help, our warranty inspection is the right choice for you.

New Construction Inspections

Yes! Even brand new homes should be properly inspected by an unbiased professional home inspector. Most builders do a great job. But, sometimes construction standards and details are missing that should be corrected. We inspect to the most current building standards but find that many builders are building houses which meet older construction standards. No home is perfect. Not even a brand new home. However, with a new construction home inspection, your chances are greatly improved that your new home will be everything it should be.

Maintenance Home Inspection

Every year there are new building standards, construction standards and codes. With each passing year, your home becomes that much more out of date. A Maintenance Home Inspection compares your existing home to the current standards and provides valuable insights to help you bring your home up to modern standards. When you get ready to sell an older home, outdated standards and home maintenance will surely be a stumbling block. Making a few adjustments recommended by a Maintenance Home Inspection each year will help avoid issues and unexpected costs.

We perform complete and thorough Dallas Home Inspections using our customized three pass process. Our process covers over 500 individual items from the foundation to the shingles for every client we serve. Home Inspections are an important step in your real estate buying or selling and homeowner maintenance decision making.