Final Construction Home Inspection

Why should you leave the final inspection to Selman Home Inspections?

Entering your new home after a long period of constructions is really a big deal and should be a pleasant experience. If you take into consideration that your home was built by hundreds of different people who worked in groups on various parts, bringing to the final result, you will realize that there are lots of things to check. Even though your builder might be a very skilled professional who paid attention to every single detail while constructing your home, constructors are still only human beings who can make small mistakes and oversights while working. It is why this final walk through is essential to make sure that once you move into your new home, you will be able to enjoy it fully. Make sure to schedule a New Construction Home Inspection after all construction is complete and before you move in, and when you choose, choose smartly. It is why Selman Home Inspections is always the right choice – being the company that provides the highest quality inspections possible. But, let’s first see what actually home inspections do.

The most important thing to do before you start inspecting on your final walk-through is to make it empty as much as possible. If you leave certain things in it, it is more likely that you will miss some tiny details that need to be repaired. Remember, everything you skip during your final walk-through will bother you later, but with Selman Home Inspections, we don’t allow such things to happen. Very carefully, all of the things that need to be checked once more, repaired or done from the scratch will be documented in your inspection report, to make it easier for the builder to see what to correct. In short, this is how a “punch-list” is created.

Now that we have established why the inspection process is of a huge importance, and why it should be done carefully and with no rush, let’s see why you should leave the whole inspection process to us, Selman Home Inspections. First of all, think about our impartiality. If you inspect your house with the builder, it is likely that the person will rush through it, because some other projects are waiting outside. We won’t do that because inspecting is our only job and we do it professionally and in detail. The most importantly, we stand by your side and we want you to be fully satisfied once you enter your new home and start your new life in it.

Remember, we have the experts in this field and our only goal is to deliver your dream house. We don’t settle for less and we’ll never do. Providing you with the best possible result is the only thing that we think of. If you want to have piece of mind, knowing that your house will be the best it can be after the inspection, don’t forget to call us.

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