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The objective of our limited visual In-Ground Pool, Spa and Equipment Inspection is to determine if the equipment would benefit from inspection, repairs or improvements by a certified, licensed pool and spa specialist. The scope of Dallas Home Inspectors includes a limited visual inspection of the electrical system, circulation system, barriers, interior surface, safety items, and decking. Our pool, spa and equipment inspection provides a narrative list of deficiencies related to safety, performance and repair needs. We do not dismantle pool and spa components. Water chemistry is not evaluated. We do not inspector or operate heaters, cleaning equipment, control valves, chemical injectors or similar components. Pools, spas, hot tubs, and equipment are inspected according to today’s Texas Standards of Practice.

Our Pool and Spa Inspection Services have involved some of the most experienced professionals who have served years in inspecting the pools with the utmost care and intelligence. The backyard pools have tragically made a reputation to put the lives of the children at stake hence the pool safety inspectors put a close look on the important matters that may lessen down the danger level with the increasing level of safety.
Our  Dallas Home Inspection Company have undergone the rules and the conduct of the Texas Government. As every other government, Texas Government to has implemented some of the safety measures that every individual need to follow to have a safe pool experience. Our pool and spa inspectors in Dallas take a close look at taking hold of these rules and regulations and let the individuals follow them.


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