Dallas New Houses Inspections

Congratulations on building a new construction home! We understand this is an exciting step in your home ownership journey. At Selman Home Inspections, we want your new construction home to be everything is should be.

It is a smart decision to have your new construction home professionally inspected. While most builders do a great job, sometimes builders and their contractors miss details and current standards. There are many sub-contractors involved in building a new house. With so many overlapping contractors, sometimes details are missed. This is were an unbiased Dallas Home Inspections Professional can help. As we inspect new construction houses, we are comparing the components and systems to current building standards and test driving everything. Our new construction home inspections will identify defects that should be addressed prior to closing. You may also want to learn more about the Benefits Of A New Construction Inspection.

We offer several new construction home inspection options to choose from:

1 Year Warranty Home Inspection

After construction has been completed and prior to the end of the builders, 1-year warranty is the right time for your 1 Year Warranty Home Inspection. After living in the home for 9-12 months, the appliances and installed systems have all been used and much of the new construction movement and settlement has occurred. Any defects documented by the inspector should be brought to your builder’s attention for correction.


Final Construction Home Inspections

Dallas New Houses Inspections. A Final Construction Home Inspection is a complete and thorough test drive of the house from foundation to shingle including mechanical and appliances. Our inspectors will evaluate over 600 items and systems for installation and performance while comparing it to the most current building standards. Our final construction home inspection includes; professional report, onsite report presentation, and all the benefits that come with our world class customer service. Check Our Current Specials And Save!


3 Phase Home Inspection

A 3 Phase Home Inspection is made up of three separate inspections, each with a different focus. Each “Phase” is completed at a specific time in the lifecycle of construction. This type of new construction inspection is the most thorough. It allows the home inspector to inspect each step of the construction for defects that could create defects after you move in. Any identified defects can be brought to the builders attention during each phase for timely correction.

Phase 1

Dallas New Houses InspectionsPhase 1 is done when the foundation forms are in place, prior to the pouring of concrete and the plumbing is roughed-in. The inspector can inspect the forms, footers, reinforcements, ties, spacers, insulators, moisture barrier and other important components of the foundation construction. The inspector can also inspect the roughed-in plumbing and waste drain lines for proper installation.

Phase 2

Dallas New Houses InspectionsPhase 2 is done when the exterior walls are framed and at least partially cladded and the roof covering is installed. During Phase 2, the electrical and mechanical systems are roughed-in and can be inspected. The framing, brick ties, wall insulation, roughed-in plumbing, roughed-in electrical, ventilation, roof decking, roof covering, poured foundation and other important components can be inspected during Phase 2.

Phase 3

Dallas New Houses InspectionsPhase 3 is a “Final Inspection” and is done when the builder has completed construction. Phase 3 is the complete home inspection which tests drives all of the installed systems, components and appliances. Phase 3 is done prior to the buyer’s final walk-through. Any remaining deficiencies in construction should be addressed prior to closing.

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