New Home Builders Warranty

When you buy your dream house, you expect it to be perfect in all aspects. Starting from the interiors to every system used in your kitchen and washroom, there is the desire to see everything work out as you imagined.

The builders understand what exactly homeowners like you look for when they start searching for their dream house. New home builders warranty is a builder’s policy meant to ensure when you move to your new house, you have a perfect house to live in.

Get Your Home Inspected

Most people are aware of the new home builders warranty yet remain reluctant in making the bold move to acquire it. Don’t miss your chance of getting things repaired and replaced. If you have not focused on the problems yet, then you must do so before the warranty period expires. For those who are yet to shift to their new house, you can also contact home inspection companies in your area to get your house inspected for minor issues. This will ensure you don’t suffer because of your builder’s mistakes.

While some issues can be detected before you move in, there are many problems that are not visible enough to be noticed firsthand. Some problems are only identified once you have moved in and started using your systems. In some cases, you would have to use everything and detect the problems in the different systems installed in your house before you can call a home inspection expert and let them do the rest.

What Does New Home Builders Warranty Cover?

A builder gives you an agreement when you are handed over the charge of your newly built house. Go through it thoroughly. You will notice there is limited coverage offered on workmanship as well as materials.

In fact, the coverage duration may not be same for all the systems you use, be it for the windows or HVAC. To get details of what is to be covered and what not and for how many days, months, or years, you must read the warranty agreement.

Some of the common issues covered under new home builders warranty are as follows:


An issue with your house’s electrical setup is one of the most dangerous issues as it could impact every member of your family in a big way; including death. Hence to avoid any such consequences, you must not ignore any red flags but instead call inspection experts under your warranty agreement.


The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is yet another important thing that requires routine checks. Every household has an HVAC system installed. Hence, inspection experts must be contacted whenever you feel your system needs to be inspected for damage.


While there are builders who take great to ensure the structural components of your house are solid enough, you may still find issues because of the changes in the weather condition or soil shifting. Several new home builders’ warranties try to cover this aspect to make the dream of buyers suitable for their living.


The warranty agreement not only covers issues with electrical appliances or other systems but it also focuses on roof leaks. If you ever notice a leak, you can claim for the warranty but of course, after proper inspection. If you notice damaged doors, windows and minor cracking of plasterboard, you can contact a home inspector and thereby claim for the warranty.

Making New Home Builders Warranty Claim

As it is advised to go through the warranty agreement properly to understand the various conditions, the same is to be done before making the claim as well.

• When you notice an issue in your new home, you must find if the problem detected is covered as part of the warranty or not.

• Make sure you file your claim based on the instructions given in the agreement. Also, you must put your repair or replacement request in writing.

• Don’t forget to ask for a receipt in return for your claim submission. It will act as your record for further proceeding, including disputes.

• In case a dispute arises between you and the builder over the repair or replacement of the systems, you must remember that your warranty may act as a mediator. It may contain a provision a compulsory but reasonable point for mutual understanding.

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