Landscape Irrigation System Inspections

Installing an irrigation system for your garden or lawn is an efficient and convenient way to keep your home green and healthy. Actually, it’s one of the best and largest investments you can make for your home.

When properly installed, programmed, and maintained, an irrigation or sprinkler system will help you avoid guesswork when watering your garden or lawn. It’ll also ensure that your property landscape gets the amount of water it needs while conserving time, water, and money.

Landscape Irrigation System Inspections DFW

If you have an irrigation system installed on your landscape, it will require regular maintenance in order to keep it running at optimum efficiency. Regular maintenance of irrigation systems helps to avoid failures and leaks that can damage your new home not to mention lead to high water bills. This is why it’s recommended that before you buy a home which has a landscape irrigation system, to have it properly inspected by professional home inspector specialized in this area.

Even though a bigger part of a sprinkler system is usually located underground, hiring a knowledgeable home inspector will be able to assess the system operation, including conduction a visual inspection of the connections, controllers, sprinkler head locations, connections, pressure differentials, sensors, and drains. A professional home inspector Dallas will also inspect the water meters to uncover any possible leaks in the sprinkler system.

After you’ve purchased the property, it’s recommended to periodically inspect your sprinkler system while in operation to ensure spray angles are correct.

Irrigation System Inspection Checklist

If you’re planning to inspect your irrigation system, here is what you should look for:

1. Lines and Pipes

It’s vital to check all mains and laterals of your irrigation system for cracks and leaks. Even if you are inspecting the sprinkler system in the fall, it’s crucial to do this because sometimes water is left in the lines causing it to freeze and cause cracks and leaks. Even if you think that the system is completely drained, sometimes roots can grow around the pipes and lines leading to cracks.

Walk around your garden and look for areas where soil has been removed and washed away as this indicates a leak on the lines.

2. Sprinkler heads and rotors

Like the lines, freezing can damage the sprinkler heads, so it’s very important that you turn the system on during the spring and check the entire sprinkler heads to be sure that they are functioning properly.

Normally, sprinkler heads have a lifespan, so it’s a good idea to check for wear and tear and if you find any, replace the affected sprinkler head. Another thing to check is whether the sprinkler heads are aimed correctly. You surely do not want water spraying on buildings and sidewalks as that increases the water bill. Also, walk around to check whether all the plants are getting covered to avoid ending up with dying plants due to dry spots.

3. Controllers, valves and other components

It’s important to check your controller settings and ensure they are appropriate for your landscape. This is done to avoid the issue of overwatering which can profoundly increase your water bills. You should also inspect the valves regularly to make sure they aren’t leaking. Signs of leakages include standing water, washed soil, and green moss. Also, if you see roots gathering around irrigation heads, it could mean that some valves are not completely shutting off.

You may want to invest in a time clock with a rain sensor as it can help prevent potential damage due to overwatering. Ensure the rain switch always is activated on your time clock to avoid watering during or after rains. The clock should also be programmed to water early in the morning or in the evenings.

The Best Time to Conduct Landscape Irrigation System Inspections Dallas

Most professionals recommend scheduling a landscape irrigation system inspection twice a year- in the spring and fall. The best time to conduct your spring inspection is in late winter so that your system can be up to the task.

However, don’t skip your sprinkler inspection just because it’s not yet in the spring or fall. You can have your irrigation system inspected by a professional home inspector anytime if you notice any issues in the system. Lastly, make sure you hire the best home inspector who has experience in performing irrigation system inspections Dallas.

The objective of our limited visual landscape irrigation system (sprinkler system) inspection is to determine if the system would benefit from inspection, repairs or improvements by a qualified specialist. The scope of our inspection includes a limited visual inspection of the landscape irrigation system controls and operation of the system in manual mode. The inspection provides a narrative list of deficiencies related to performance, installation, and operation. We do not dismantle any landscape irrigation equipment. Landscape irrigation systems are inspected according to today’s Texas Standards of Practice. Landscape irrigation system inspections are included with the Five Star Home Inspection but are an additional fee with a Standard Home Inspection.

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