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Buying or selling existing houses requires many steps. Choosing the right, Realtor, Lender and Dallas Home Inspections company are all important decisions. We want your next home to be everything it should be.

Dallas Existing Houses coupleWe offer Home Inspections for Dallas Existing Houses for buyers and sellers in the DFW area and across North Texas. While all of our services are backed by our Mission and Goal to protect your family and your investment, each type of real estate evaluation has a different purpose. The Home Inspection Services that best meets your needs depends on if you are the buyer or seller. And, if you are building a new construction home, check out our New Construction Home Inspection options.

Buyer Home Inspections

Dallas Existing Houses. We understand that buying a home is exciting for you and your family and we would love to be part of your home buying process. Emotions often affect the buyer and make it difficult for them to imagine any problems with a new home. After all, the home “looks” great. A buyer needs a home inspection to identify as many existing and potential defects as possible before closing. Dallas Existing houses inspections will also reveal any important safety concerns important for you and your family.

Our buyer home inspections provide detailed property reports that are accurate, easy to understand and come with a prioritized summary report. At the end of the technical portion of the inspection, our certified pro will perform an onsite presentation to review the photos taken during the inspection, answer your questions and make recommendations about any negative findings. As with all types of residential inspections, the components and systems from the roof down to the foundation are inspected to visually identify defects in construction and safety standards. Learn more about What We Inspect. Our buyer home inspections are designed to educate and provide valuable information about the condition of real estate before you make what could be, a life long family investment.

After you receive your report, we recommend reviewing the report and making a list of items you think the seller should address and present them to your Realtor in a timely manner.

Your father, uncle, brother or contractor friend is not qualified or licensed as a Professional Home Inspector. You need a qualified, unbiased inspection, so when the inspector does find problems, they won’t be easily minimized by the other parties. Our Professional Home Inspectors have the license, insurance, experience, training and tools to inspect your next home allowing you to buy with confidence.

Many residential buyers also add these services for the most comprehensive residential evaluation possible;

Termite Inspections (WDI)
Septic System Reports

Seller Home Inspections

Our Seller Home Inspections (also called a Pre-Listing Inspection) provide tremendous marketing advantages for sellers and their Realtors. Seller Home Inspection virtually eliminate all the hassles and blown deals caused by traditional Buyer Home Inspections. Our Seller Home Inspection gives the leverage back to the homeowner (and their Realtor) and offers tremendous marketing advantages.

Real estate deals fall through simply because the seller did not hire a professional Dallas Home Inspection Company to evaluate the condition of their house before putting it on the market. Eventually, potential buyers are going to hire an Inspector that will reveal defects in the house you are selling. The selling homeowner may as well know what a home inspection is going to reveal and correct any possible issues in advance. This is how our Seller Home Inspection gives leverage back to the homeowner. Any identified deficiencies in today’s building standards or the Texas Standards of Practice help sellers understand what should be in the disclosure document or make repairs ahead of time.

A Professional Seller Home Inspection will identify items that should be disclosed about major defects in the home’s physical structure such as the roof, foundation, walls, and ceilings, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems. Should any serious defects be reported, the seller may then want to have them repaired, replaced, or disclosed before marketing the house to prospective buyers.

In the event that the Seller Home Inspection turns up major defects, the seller may choose to adjust the listing price to reflect the property condition. Very often, people who have lived in their home for many years grow accustomed to conditions which may be unacceptable to a potential buyer. An objective third party opinion helps to put a home’s true condition into a more realistic and marketable light.


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