Top 3 Phase Home Inspection Services

A home inspection is crucial for novel home owners so as to avoid the many pitfalls present during construction. Having said that, 3 phase construction is unsurpassed since it is a continuous process of inspection.

It entails:

1. Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

Done prior to the laying of concrete, pre-pour inspection is invaluable. It ensures that all installations have been properly done without which, the integrity of your house would be compromised. It’s also instrumental as it discerns defects early on that could negatively affect the capacity and appearance of your home.

Elements checked include:

· Site preparation, steel reinforcement and the veracity of vapor barriers

· Compliance with manufacturer’s installation instructions, engineers design, and building code

· Slab thickness

· Reinforcing bar patterns

· Proper placement of post tensioning cables and sill anchor installation and spacing

· Straightness

· Existence of roots or debris during excavation

· Reinforcing bar patterns

· Wire and strand damage

· Backup bars, bursting steel, and hairpins

· Concrete forms

To sum up all 

The pre-pour inspection also checks the electrical conduit positioning, piping anchoring, conduit anchoring, steel ties plumbing positioning and piping glue joints.


2. Framing Inspection

Also known as pre-dry wall inspection, it’s performed just before the placement of drywall and insulation but after attaining plumbing, framing, and electrical green tags. It is important since the insulation and dry wall cover critical components with electrical wiring, window flashing and framing constituents included. Errors at this point will be costly to the homeowner and thus its significance cannot be stressed further.

Framing/pre-drywall inspection ensures:

· Compliance with engineers design, compliance with the building code, and compliance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.

· Proper installation of roofing covering.

· Appropriate sheathing and window flashing.

· The integrity of the structural framing.

· Apt installation of plumbing and electrical rough in.

· Proper chimney construction, water heat placement, and installation

Framing inspection also ensures that drip edge flashing is properly installed, checks on roof jack installation, sheathing, installation and placement of furnace, air conditioning, and water heater. It also ensures appropriate fireplace fresh air venting.

3. Final Inspection

This is the most time-consuming phase and should be done a few days to your last walk through with your builder. It’s important it’s done a few days prior to the final walk through to ensure that the building process is near completion. It entails all systems in the home and all utilities should be on and operational.

Final inspection includes all items in the pre-pour and framing inspection and also warrants:

· Proper construction of attics

· Appropriate insulation and ventilation.

· The integrity of the roof structure, exterior walls, and interior walls.

· The integrity of the structure against water penetration.

· Proper installation of stairs and railings, doors, and windows.

· Proper laying of the driveways, sidewalks, decks, and patios.

· Integrity of the plumbing system

· And though optional, it ensures proper installation of appliance lifts, and elevators.

To sum up all 3 Phase Home Inspection Services. Importance of home inspection cannot be overstated. Therefore, if you are looking to construct a home, you can contact us for professional 3-phase inspection services and final construction home inspection as they are imperative for the integrity of your house.