Septic System Inspection

Why would anyone need a septic inspection?

You need a Septic System Inspection because the septic system is an on-site wastewater treatment system. So you typically don’t have a connection to city sewer. You want to make sure that all of the components work; that everything that comes out of the house and goes into the system will be correctly processed.

What exactly is a septic system inspection?

Septic system inspection is where we visually inspect and operate the plumbing in the house. Make sure that everything that comes out of the house will flow into the system correctly and then be processed correctly.

How does your septic system inspection work? How do you perform it?

We perform the septic system inspection by turning on usually all, the bathtubs, kitchen sink, bathroom sinks. We’ll have those running typically for 15 to 20 minutes in an effort to load the system and watch the functional flow, both out of the house through the waste drains and into the system. Then make sure that the components in a system function the way that they should.

We’re going to check the accessible systems, most aerobic systems are accessible and have accessible mechanical components. We will open those covers and look at how those are functioning and how they work. Then make sure that all the safety things are in place like high water alarms so that if the system fails or if an aerator fails or a pump fails that the alarms on the system will properly alert someone.

We’re going to check the waste drain field itself to make sure there’s no standing water, any leaks or seepage, and that it’s safe for the environment and anyone that lives around it.

Is there anything else a home buyer or a home seller should know about your septic system inspection?

Like the wood destroying insect inspection, if a home is on a septic system, most lenders will require a septic system inspection. VA and FHA will definitely require them.


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