Sample Home Inspection Report

Dallas Home Inspections sample reportOne of the best ways to judge the quality and professionalism of the work completed by a home inspector is to take a close look at their inspection report. 

Whats the difference?
Some reports are a cookie cutter check the box style. In other words, one report fits all homes and the inspector simply puts an x in a box beside the items listed. These type reports are cumbersome to navigate through all the items listed that do not even pertain to your home. The finished product provides very little information and almost no insight into the inspector’s findings.

The best reports are narrative reports customized to your home. These will include nearly every visible area and component of the home along with detailed descriptions of concerns along with clear digital photos and live interactive links. This means there is little room for doubt about the inspector’s evaluation.

For your convenience, we have included two here for your review.

Click Here To Download Our Sample Home Inspection Report 1

Click Here To Download Our Sample Home Inspection Report 2

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