Dallas Home Inspection Reviews

Our Fort Worth Dallas Home Inspections customers and their Realtors often provide us with feedback about how our Home Inspectors services are the best they have ever had. We receive very few complaints and get positive feedback from almost every client. Customer reviews of our work are testimony to our dedication to excellence as the leading Dallas Home Inspections Company in North Texas. Experience, training, customer focus and professionalism make the difference. We listen to our customer reviews to continually improve our service and improve our clients experience. Provided below are a few of our client’s reviews and testimonials:

Donna Weber Review

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the inspection that was performed by Rickey. He was very thorough and professional, with a very friendly manner. He went over the whole process and made sure I understood everything. Thanks you to Selman Home Inspections and Rickey for making this experience so pleasurable.

Shawn’s Review

I recently had a home inspection completed by Rickey Free and wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the thorough job he did and his willingness to take whatever additional time he needed to ensure I understood the contents of the report and condition of the house. Even my realtor said, “wow, what a detailed report!” Rickey was very courteous and, most importantly, extremely professional and knowledgable. The house we bought was a foreclosure, so we really needed a good/thorough inspection and that is what your company provided. Now, we can move forward in the buying process armed with a lot more knowledge and confidence. You can be sure that I will recommend you guys to any family and friends looking to buy a home in the DFW area.

More Reviews From Our Dallas Home Inspections Clients:

  1. Kendra’s Review
    “Selman Home Inspections actually did two different inspections for us. We put in an offer on a HUD home but before we felt a peace about getting our offer in, David came out and gave us a detailed idea of what exactly we were getting ourselves into. That house fell through and when we finally found another; he also did that second inspection. The report we received gave us a great heads up on what we would be repairing or correcting in the near future. It also helped us decide what to ask the sellers to fix before purchasing.
  2. David is knowledgeable and friendly. His thorough job really put our minds at ease in what could be a very overwhelming experience. I’m so thankful that our first home inspection on our very first home was done by Selman Home Inspections.” Kendra, Duncanville
  3. Great job! After two bad experiences I was pleased to deal with an honest, professional and sane home inspection person. Thank you. – Larry Authur, 214-908-1884
    Selman Home Inspection did an excellent job inspecting a property for us. Our realtor said he’d never seen someone do such a thorough job and he was also impressed. Thanks to your home inspection, we did not buy the house we had inspected because of all the unseen problems. Without your inspection, we would not have known about these major problems. The detailed information and photos in the report were very helpful. Thank you Selman Home Inspections for a job well done! – Kelli & Doug, kdk781@gmail.com
  4. You did a GREAT job for us, twice! The your detailed home inspection kept us from making a huge mistake. Even though we really wanted that house your inspection revealed a lot more than we, or for that matter anyone, should accept when buying a $300k+ home. The second inspection, on a different house was just as thorough, and because of the confidence we have in you from the first one, we are buying the second one with no reservations. Thanks and I would recommend you to anyone. Wendell Romans, Lucas
  5. Thanks David! It was a pleasure meeting you & working with you. We really appreciate the time you took to go over and explain things with us. Will definitely refer you to anyone needing a home inspection and I know our realtor will put you on her list! Cara Byford, McKinney
  6. Selman Home Inspection’s new website and home inspection report system outshine competitors with no question. The report findings are easy to understand and described in detail so purchaser knows the location and issue to every notation. David also provides photos and diagrams to show a visualization of the items notated. This really helps when negotiating repair items. What I like most about the new Selman Home Inspection reporting system is the ease of access. Simply provide the report link to your client or pull the report up on your phone with ease. I would advise anyone to try Selman Inspections one time and you never go back to another option again! Troy Baumgartner, tbaumgartne@readyrealestate.com

We sincerely look forward to having a great home inspection experience with you!