Benefits of a New Construction Home Inspection

New Construction Home Inspection

At Selman Home Inspections, we want your new home to be all it should be. Our New Construction Home Inspection protects you and your family. Our mission is to educate homebuyers about the condition of houses so they can make informed decisions. For new construction houses, be sure to read our article “Don’t Pay For Your Builders Mistakes!“.

Most reputable builders welcome new construction home inspection reports. If your builder discourages an unbiased third party report, we encourage you to find a more reputable builder. A thorough inspection presents the opportunity of discovering construction errors that can then be rectified before they become full-blown problems. There are many benefits to having a new construction house professionally inspected.  Avoiding unwanted expenses is number 1.


Like most anything, without a well-constructed foundation, the overall performance and longevity of a home is at risk. Foundations are inspected for defects in performance and installation. Common flaws include corner-pops, improperly sealed post tension cable ends and improper grading or backfill to support the foundation.

Grading & Drainage

Proper management of run-off water is very important to the longevity of a home. Water problems and improper drainage problems can lead to failure of the house foundation. Professional home inspectors inspect homes for proper grading and drainage. This goes a long way towards safeguarding the integrity of the foundation.

The Roof

It has been established that the process of constructing a roof usually requires the assembly of approximately 500 components and therefore, a lot of mistakes are bound to happen during the construction process. It is for this reason that inspectors usually pay more attention to the installation and construction standards and inspect the roof covering thoroughly. Common flaws normally witnessed with roof installation are impact damages, improper installation and exposed fasteners. Roof covering materials that are not able to properly seal can lead to massive leakages if not addressed early.


The attic is one of those places in a home that most people would rather avoid. But a Professional Home Inspector has no problem evaluating the roof structure and attic, insulation, electrical and appliances that may be installed there. Proper attic ventilation is also important. There should be good air flow through the attic to remove unwanted moisture and improve the attic efficiency.

Exterior Siding

Siding jobs usually appear rather presentable from a distance, however, a close-up inspection of the structure reveals the extent of the installation errors in the building. If left unattended to, siding failures can become very expensive to repair in the long run. Inadequate nailing and haphazard attachment of the fiber-cement board is normally the major cause of a poor sliding job. Eventually, massive leaks and collapse of the whole board will wreak havoc to the building’s interior that can be a daunting task to salvage. Having a new construction home inspection will certainly solve this issue from the onset.


A comprehensive inspection may detect shower leaks or bathtub leaks using infrared cameras or moisture meters way before they appear. The plumbing inspection also tests the static water pressure to ensure adequate water flow to the home and the fixtures. The water supply fixtures are inspected to be sure they perform as intended, don’t leak and were properly installed. Also included in the plumbing inspection are water heaters and the waste drain plumbing.


Professional home inspectors will inspect the electrical systems of a home including the main service panel, electrical entrance, meter and the branch circuits and connected devices. The electrical systems are evaluated for proper installation, safety devices and over-current protection. Defects in installation and failures to follow electrical building standards can be hazardous and should be corrected.


The appliances include air conditioning equipment, water heaters, food waste disposers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, cooktops, ovens and more. These appliances are inspected for performance, installation and safety. The inspector “test drives” these appliances to make sure they perform as intended before you move in.

In Conclusion

It is correct to say that a New Construction Home Inspection is the best way to compare a home to the most current building standards and safety standards. Prospective homeowners and builders should seek the services of Selman Home Inspections that perform comprehensive evaluations on new construction houses.

Be sure to give Selman Home Inspections a call today and we will evaluate your new home from the foundation to the roof and all areas in between. We’ll produce a list of issues that you can give to your builder so that he can pay for his own mistakes and you won’t get stuck with future repairs.

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