1 Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection Special

1 Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection

If you’ve been in your new home less than a year, you need a Professional 1 Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection. Schedule today before your Builder’s Warranty Expires!

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Now that you are all settled in, it has been almost a year and now your builder’s warranty is about to expire! So don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big by having your builder correct construction mistakes. So, the best time schedule your 1 Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection is when your new construction home is 10 and 12 months old. Check out our page about Don’t Pay For Your Builders Mistakes!

Did you know that if you don’t notify your builder now of any issues the home may have, you will have lost your chance to do so forever? That means you will be stuck with the costs of repairs or corrections to local building standards.

Average Home Inspection Cost in the Dallas TX

The Average home inspection in the Dallas TX area costs between $325 and $600. That’s a small price to know if there are any issues with your new home that your builder should correct. Considering what new homes cost today and the effort you went to in building a new home, it should at least meet new construction standards.

Statistics show an average Savings of $1500 to $5000 for people who get a 1-Year Builder Warranty Inspection. A 1-Year Builder Warranty Inspection can save you thousands of out-of-pocket costs. Many people use their homes as “stepping stones” to their next home. Dallas Home InspectorsA 1-Year Builder Warranty Inspection can keep you from being blindsided by a buyers home inspection. Again, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

We also want to know about any issues you are having with your new home. We are happy to document those so your builder can correct those problems.

What Things Do We Commonly Find During A 1 Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection?

Of The “New Homes” Just Like Yours That We’ve Inspected Recently, Here’s What We’ve Found: Electrical Hazards, Structural Problems, HVAC Problems, Missed Construction Standards, Plumbing Problems, Safety Issues, Roof Leaks. It is amazing how many home builders are not following the most up to date building and construction standards. Don’t pay for your builder’s mistakes and oversights! Get a 1 Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection!


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